DeltaIndividual selection of a dental plan is not allowed by individuals; the dental plan is selected and negotiated by the employee's bargaining unit.  To determine your bargaining unit's current dental plan, log into the VBAS portal.  (Click here for more information on VBAS.)  Proceed through to view your dental benefits and note the plan number in which you are enrolled (or in which you may enroll if you are part-time).  Click here for details on your dental plan coverage.

During Open Enrollment a part-time employee may elect dental coverage if s/he has not previously voluntarily dropped dental coverage.  A part-time employee may also voluntarily drop dental coverage, although re-enrollment will not be allowed without proof of loss of other coverage, a permanent change in hours or work year, or a change to full-time status.  A full-time employee may not voluntarily drop dental coverage.