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Butte Schools Self-Funded Plans is pleased to continue with the four active, two non-Medicare retiree and one Medicare supplement plans implemented July 1, 2014.  Rates were uniformly increased 6% effective July 1, 2015, in order to offset the continual increase in the cost of medical and prescription claims.  These plans ....

  • Provide BSSP employees and their dependents with a variety of plans and costs to meet the needs of the population
  • Encourage use of the BSSP Health and Wellness Center
  • Encourage member engagement and consumerism
  • Streamline the plans to eliminate confusing copays
  • Realign the plans to better reflect benefit differences
  • Balance the costs/rates to better reflect the costs of each population within BSSP (actives, non-Medicare retirees and Medicare retirees)
  • Lower prescription drug copays for certain disease states
  • Reduce medical trend in the future in order to continue to provide medical plans at a cost that are affordable for everyone
  • Utilize rate stabilization funds to partially offset projected increases in members' medical costs

Active Employees and Non-Medicare Retirees

Click here if you are covered as ...

  • An active employee or the spouse, registered domestic partner or child of an active employee
  • A retiree not yet eligible for Medicare
  • The spouse or registered domestic partner of a retiree AND you are not yet eligible for Medicare (regardless of the retiree's Medicare status)
  • The only dependent child of a retiree eligible for Medicare.

Medicare Retirees

If you are a retiree eligible for Medicare or the Medicare-eligible spouse/registered domestic partner of a retiree, click here.