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Dependent Documentation for Medical Plans

All active employees and non-Medicare retirees covering dependents on a BSSP medical plan must submit dependent documentation by May 15th. Coverage for your dependents may be terminated June 30th if required documentation is not received. Click here for the Document Submission Form to be sent in with all approved documents.

If you are not enrolled in a BSSP medical plan OR you do not have dependents covered under your plan, this requirement does not apply to you.

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Medicare-eligible Retirees
Click HERE to view an informational presentation on the new United Healthcare Group Medicare Advantage PPO Plan.

For more information on the United Healthcare Plan, click here

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Welcome to Butte Schools Self-Funded Programs

The Butte Schools Self-Funded Programs JPA was formed in 1982 to self-insure our area schools for medical, dental and vision service.

What is a JPA? A joint powers authority (JPA) is a “special district” under the California Government Code. It allows public entities to join together to “pool” resources, in this case, health benefits. In this case, having a larger “pool” reduces rates and administrative costs.

Over 4,300 employees and retirees participate in the program. Including spouses and dependent children, the BSSP JPA provides medical, dental, vision and life insurance services to more than 12,000 people. Fourteen school districts, the Butte County Office of Education and the Butte-Glenn Community College District make up the 16 members of the JPA.  Read more...