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Register for a Flu Shot 

Register for a Health Risk Assessment


  1. Visit the portal at www.healthstathra.info.  

  2. Enter the Company ID 271.

  3. Click "Submit".

  4. Click "Register".  (Although you scheduled through this portal last year, since more than 12 months has passed you'll need to quickly register again.)  

  5. Enter your Member ID:  This is the last six digits of your social security number. Spouses should use the last six digits of the employee's social security plus a -1.  For example, if the employee's SSN is 123-45-6789, the employee uses 456789 and the spouse uses 456789-1.  

  6. Select your date of birth.

  7. Enter your email address and create a password (6-20 characters).  

  8. Confirm your password and click "Submit".  If your registration is successful, you'll be taken to the main page.  If not, you'll be given instructions on how to resolve the issue.  

  9. Click on "Take HRA Online Survey".  This is your Health and Wellness Survey and completing it on line is necessary in order to schedule your appointment. Complete each survey question, click the forward arrow on top of each page to advance, and click on "Commit" at the end of the survey to save your responses.

  10. Read the Legal Disclaimer at the end of survey, check the box and click on "Commit" to save survey.

SCHEDULE YOUR APPOINTMENT, after completing your survey

  1. Click on "Schedule your HRA Screening Appointment".

  2. Select the location and day you want to schedule.

  3. Select an available time slot.

  4. Verify your appointment.

After you complete the process, you'll receive an email notification of your appointment with the ability to cancel and reschedule.  You can also log back in anytime to verify you've completed your survey and scheduled your appointment.  Call Healthstat at 888-613-3036 (M-F, 4AM-4PM) with any technical issues in this process.  (You may need to leave a message; calls will be returned within 1 business day.)

Don't forget!

  • Do not eat anything for 8 hours prior to your appointment.

  • Drink plenty of water before your appointment.  Black coffee or tea is OK, too.

  • Please take your medications as prescribed by your health care provider. 

  • Please arrive on time for your appointment

All information is collected by Healthstat and is strictly confidential.

Need a replacement medical / prescription card?

Log into your secure account at  www.anthem.com/ca/sisc or call 1-800-564-7475

Mail order prescriptions?

Download the Costco mail order form or contact Navitus at 1-866-333-2757.

New to BSSP's benefit plans?

Visit our New Employee page for information on your new BSSP benefits.
BSSP's Wellness Resources
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Health and Wellness Center

Inquiries:  530-879-7582 Chico, 530-532-5918 Oroville
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Welcome to Butte Schools Self-Funded Programs

The Butte Schools Self-Funded Programs JPA was formed in 1982 to self-insure our area schools for medical, dental and vision service.

What is a JPA? A joint powers authority (JPA) is a “special district” under the California Government Code. It allows public entities to join together to “pool” resources, in this case, health benefits. In this case, having a larger “pool” reduces rates and administrative costs.

Over 4,300 employees and retirees participate in the program. Including spouses and dependent children, the BSSP JPA provides medical, dental, vision and life insurance services to more than 12,000 people. Fourteen school districts, the Butte County Office of Education and the Butte-Glenn Community College District make up the 16 members of the JPA.  Read more...